Men Cause 100% of Unwanted Pregnancies

Gabrielle Blair posted an article saying in part “in contrast (to the Pill), let’s look at birth control for men — i.e., condoms. They’re readily available at all hours, inexpensive, convenient, and don’t require a prescription. They’re effective and work on demand, instantly. They don’t cause aneurysms, mood swings, or debilitating cramps. Men can keep them stocked up just in case, so they’re always prepared. They can be easily used at the last minute. I mean, condoms are magic! So much easier than birth control options for women.”

The problem with this assertion, that contraception is only the Man’s responsibility, is that this doesn’t work: there would be no need for abortion if every man wore a condom every time he had sex. There would be little in the way of STD’s either, so it is a win/win solution, you would think. Gabrielle’s mistake is in defining Condoms as “birth control for men”: they are birth control for both men and women, and STD protection for both as well. So both partners have an equal responsibility to use condoms every time they engage in casual sex.

But psychology plays a part here: the man doesn’t want to come bearing a condom, as that implies he was taking the woman’s sexual consent for granted. As a man there are few things more embarrassing than a condom falling on the table at a restaurant on your first date with a woman. Far better if the woman initiates the use of the condom; if she carries condoms and fits one onto the man as part of foreplay, this need not be a show-stopper for either partner. If you both carry one, so much the better, but the woman has more incentive to be the enforcer of condom use: they control consent.

If it’s not on, it’s not on” is a very compelling slogan, and a man will happily wear a condom to have sex if the alternative is to not have sex at all.

I mean, condoms are so much the easiest birth control option for women! That’s where Gabrielle gets it wrong: there is no male birth control; there is just birth control for a couple. But it is a biological fact that only women get pregnant, so they need to enforce condom usage. Sorry, Ladies, but that is the way it is: Women control men’s access to sex: use that control to make sure the man is wearing a condom; or send him home. It is your right to choose!

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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