Look at the infection rates, the recovery and survival rates by country. the USA isn’t doing well.

Why is the death rate for closed cases so high in the USA?

Why is China's so much lower? Two possibilities:

  1. China is lying and the actual deaths were 10 times what they reported. If true. this is criminal as it led the USA to believe the Corona Virus was less of a danger than it was. It is a miracle that President Trump closed the border to Chinese travellers when he did. The same partisan Democrats who criticised him for Unilaterally closing the borders without consultation with China, now criticise him for not doing so earlier.
  2. China is lying and the COVID-19 virus was designed in a laboratory. It was weaponised to destroy the American economy, rather than kill 90% of the population. Who has been the big winner from the Pandemic? China. Who was lost the most from the Pandemic? The United States of America. The death toll in Wuhan was only enough to give plausible deniability for this scenario.

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