Leftist hate-propaganda motivates a Democrat volunteer to attempted assassination of Republican Congressmen, and you blame the Republican Party? You then repeat exactly the sort of anti-Trump bullshit that created this assassin in the first place. Next time a Democrat shoots a Republican, it is you who has blood on your hands. There is no equivalence between “Lock her up!” — a request for the Law to prosecute a law-breaker who thought she was above the law, and “Kill Trump!” from the Left.

“Go forth and punch nazis, and by nazis we mean anyone who likes Trump.”
“Donald Trump is literally Hitler.”
“Donald Trump is a fascist dictator.”
“Trump has condemned Planet Earth to death.”
“The goal of the Republican healthcare bill is to kill people.”
“Donald Trump is a Russian agent and his Presidency is the most egregious act of High Treason in the history of the country. He is Usurper. He is Illegitimate.”
“Trump must be overthrown.”

You say these kind of things, they are hate-filled, hateful hyperbole, and they incite people to violence. You will note that Trump announced after the election that he did not want to prosecute Hillary Clinton for her illegal File Server, or for her illegal dirty tricks used to cheat Bernie Sanders of the DNC nomination. He tried to de-escalate the hatred between Left and right, and called for unity as Americans. While their supporters were rioting in the streets neither Obama nor Clinton called for calm.

You are on the wrong side of this issue; and because you cannot accept that Democrats are the Bad Guys in this story, you can’t understand it at all. Haters on the Left engaged in Hate Talk and inspired Hate Crimes. QED.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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