Joe, by Globalization I mean Tree Trade, and Free movement of people and corporations, offshoring of manufacturing to the cheapest place where something can be made. Globalization makes the World a single open market. Manufacturing jobs go to the lowest-cost producers. International Arbitrage states that incomes rise in the cheaper country and fall in the richer country until equilibrium is achieved, when the cost of Chinese production Plus freight to the US equals the cost of manufacture in the USA.

The international bodies you mention UN, IMF, WTA etc are examples of Internationalism: these bodies all claim the right to overpower the sovereignty of individual Governments.

I understand your confusion because Globalization is International Free Trade, and Internationalism is Global in scope, but the two words have specific meanings, and those meanings are well accepted.


  1. the act of globalizing, or extending to other or all parts of the world:

the globalization of manufacturing.

2. worldwide integration and development:

Globalization has resulted in the loss of some individual cultural identities.


  1. the principle of cooperation among nations, for the promotion of their common good, sometimes as contrasted with nationalism, or devotion to the interests of a particular nation.

2. international character, relations, cooperation, or control.

3. the principles or methods of a communist or socialist International.

The first two definitions are fairly harmless, but in opposing Free Trade, President Trump is putting his “devotion to the interests of a particular nation” ahead of “the principle of cooperation among nations,” so he is opposed to Internationalism as well as Globalization. Now that he opposes the NAFTA and TPP agreements that the Left used to oppose too, suddenly Progressives can see that Globalisation and Free Trade are part of the Internationalism they have always supported, and if Trump’s against it, by definition an anti-Trumper has to be for it!

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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