Thanks, I hadn’t seen that post about North Korea. By “Partisan” I meant the Anti-Trump party, which isn’t exclusively Democrat, although there’s a significant overlap.

I also agree that worthy ends don’t justify unworthy means, but there’s two sides to every issue:

“ Raising wages by persecuting kids who were dragged to this country isn’t a win to me.” So you think American wages will rise if illegal aliens are deported? That is certainly one good reason for deporting the illegal underpaid underclass of exploited workers: they are displacing Americans who should be paid the going rate for those jobs. It may not be the Dreamers fault that their parents entered the country illegally, but it was illegal: it is not persecuting them to return illegal immigrants to their country of origin, unless they are refugees who would be killed or tortured by their home regime. That is not the case in Mexico.

“A healthy stock market is good for me, but I don’t want it if it means screwing the poor or the elderly.” Where is the causal link between those statements? If the elderly have Superannuation funds they will increase in value if the market goes up, which is good for their pension. The same policies that made the stock market go up also brought US companies back to America, and created thousands of new jobs, with the unemployment rate now the lowest in 30 years. That is good for the poor.

“Supporting Israel while they exterminate the Palestinians might actually result in lasting peace, but it doesn’t excuse the method.”

The Israelis have no policy to exterminate the Palestinians, they are the last people in the world who would sink to genocide, having suffered it themselves. They do have a commitment to retaining a Jewish homeland so the holocaust cannot happen again. The Palestinians already have a homeland: it is called Jordan, and is the remainder of the old Palestine after Israel was carved out of it. The surrounding Arab countries could easily have absorbed the Palestinians who fled from Israel, but they chose to treat them as foreigners, packing them into refugee camps to maintain the fiction that they have no homeland because the Israelis are occupying it. The Israelis would love to have an enduring peace with the Arabs who surround them but they know that the Arabs want to exterminate them. The history of the Arab Palestinian hostilities have been a purely defensive one from Israel’s point of view: they build walls to protect their citizens from terrorist attacks, they retaliate when fired upon. They could enter the Gaza strip and exterminate all the Palestinians if they wanted to: they have the firepower to do that, but have never chosen to do so. Why? Because they are better people than that.

What right have you to accuse the Israelis of genocide? I call that unfair. It would be fair to call it antisemitic but I realise you are just repeating the “Progressive” line that Israelis are now Nazis. I doubt you know how unfair that accusation is. Trump will support Israel, and he will work towards a lasting peace, but neither he nor the Israeli people would sink to genocide to achieve it. The Arabs have no such reluctance to exterminate the Jews, and have attempted to do so on multiple occasions. Most recently Iran threatened to “wipe Israel off the map.” That was the goal of their nuclear weapons program.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.