“ Incidentally, modern psych > your fake anti-Marxism.”

I think you are trying to deny that Feminism is an off-shoot of Marxism. If so, you are wrong, it is a historical fact. Svetlana has written some scholarly articles on the history of the Feminist movement which it would be helpful for you to read, but Marx and Engels were proposing Feminist dogma before the feminist movement even existed: he went beyond gender equality to the destruction of the family itself with mothers returning to work for the State, while the State raised their children in communal childcare centres and schools.

“Marx’s first significant exposure to the concept of the abolition of the family probably came during his stay in Paris in 1843–1844, when he heard Charles Fourier’s ideas in the socialist movement in France in the 1840s and his ideas on the family were propagated in the first volume of the Oeuvres Completes published in 1841. Fourier advocated the replacement of monogamous marriage with a system allowing much greater latitude for sexual passions, since he believed that monogamy was an institution contrary to human nature and was thus an impediment to human happiness. He also proposed that children be raised communally, so society would be one, big, harmonious family rather than fractured into competitive, squabbling family units.”

After they adopted a communist position in 1843–1844, Marx and Engels were unrelenting in their assault on the contemporary condition of the family: “They proposed the replacement of home education by social education (Erziehung), which included, but encompassed far more than, sending children to public schools. The German term Erziehung entails not only formal education, but any training of children, including that normally given by parents. Marx and Engels reinforced their point further by assaulting the ‘bourgeois claptrap about the family and education, about the hallowed co-relation of parent and child’. Furthermore, Engels in his draft for The Communist Manifesto articulated more clearly his vision for children in communist society: ‘The raising of children together in national institutions and at national expense, from that moment on, in which they can dispense with the first motherly care’’

“Marx had advanced in their early writings , that private housework would be supplanted by social labour. Not only would women work in factories, as was already beginning to occur, but private housework would be converted into a public industry with communal child care, cooking, etc. This would liberate women from the economic bondage of the family. Implicit in the abolition of marriage is a radically new sexual morality. Engels asserted that only with the abolition of the family could individual sexual love emerge as the dominant form of sexual relationship. The institution of marriage too often restricted such relationships because economic factors often militate toward marriages of convenience or material advantage. In communist society, however, the only norm of sexual behaviour would be that sexual relations must be an expression of mutual love. The communal care of children would also loosen inhibitions to sexual relationships, because the fear of pregnancy would be obviated: This communal care of children removes the anxiety about the ‘consequences’, which today forms the most essential social — moral as well as economic — factor that hinders a girl from giving herself completely to the man she loves. Will that not be cause enough for the gradual advent of more free and easy sexual relations and with it also a more tolerant public opinion concerning virginal honour and a woman’s shame?”

The book makes heavy reading, but contains much of modern feminist theory, so ties in fairly well with the idea that feminism is an off-shoot of Marxism. The planned attack on the family by putting women back in the workforce while child-raising is done by state employees is pretty close to the modern concept of childcare centres.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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