In answer to your questions:

“Why was one of my staff flashing her tits at me during a meeting?” That is a case for a lecture from HR about inappropriate behaviour. In some workplaces, that would result in instant dismissal.

Yes, you should carry a heavy item for a woman if asked nicely. Why, because men are physically stronger,and you should not want your female colleague to injure herself.

Yes, you should “give your seat up for this pregnant women.” So should the young women, and so should school age children on the same bus. It is the considerate thing to do. I’m now at the age where giving up my seat is often refused by the person I think needs it more, but I still offer.

Now for your statistics:

  • Men are two thirds more likely to be murder victims than women. 78% in the USA, so that one is true, however 80.4% were committed by other men.
  • 40% of all spousal murders are commited by women: the corrolary is that 60% were committed by men.
  • Men are 14 times ..yes 14 times more likely to be victims of violence than women. It seems that society says its wrong to hit a woman but perfectly alright to hit a man. Assault is still mostly by men who beat up other guys, but with women they often commit rape or sexual assault too. It is wrong to assault anyone, but arguably worse for a man to assualt a woman because of the disparity in physical size and strength.
  • The suicide rate among men is three times that of women. True, but 90% of male suicides undr 34 years of age have smoked marijuana in the previous 24 hours. 70% have broken up with their significant other in the previous week. Maybe more attention is required for male mental illnesses including depression?
  • Men are more likely to go to prison for an identical crime than women. Men are more likely to be recidivists than women: “At three years, the male recidivism rate is 34% while the female rate is only at 19%. ” This may also explain the lower incarceration rates: the Judge think, rightly, that the woman is less likely to reoffend than the male.
  • Domestic violence within relationships by women towards men is climbing. Maybe: where are the statistics to support this? I’ve seen estimates that 40% of domestic violence victims are men, but given that male victims are not taken seriously by the police, there are no hard numbers. My advice to victims, male or female, is “Leave!” Violence within a relationship is not acceptable.
  • The majority of domestic violence reported in the US is same-sex couples, so either Woman on Woman, or Man on Man; the statistics are often interpreted as being all heterosexual domestic violence, but that turns out to be much rarer than most people think.

The bottom line is that Men are disadvantaged in many negative ways, including having shorter lives, but that doesn’t invalidate the claim that Women’s main problems have a common cause, and that is Men. The statistics support the view that Men’s biggest problems are also other Men, so we are still part of the problem.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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