If you don’t think this election was all about disenfranchised American workers vs. a corrupt political establishment, then it’s you who has been ignoring reality. I suggest your reaction to Trent’s post is similar to the reality filter you applied to Trump’s election rallies. You saw racism, because that’s what you were looking for, and you projected the Democrat propaganda onto what you saw.

“ The Nazi Pepe Controversy refers to the discourse surrounding a rumor spread by the Hillary Clinton campaign and several news organizations in the summer of 2016 that claimed Pepe the Frog is exclusively a white supremacist symbol.” But this is fake news cooked up by the Clinton campaign. If you believe it, that keeps you in the state of denial that Trent is trying to deprogram you out of.

In spite of your claims, I can tell you what Trump’s most prominent messages were: “Make America Great Again! America First! Bring our jobs back home! Drain the Swamp! If you think really hard, I figure you will remember hearing these phrases repeatedly through the election, and that what they said “was all about disenfranchised American workers vs. a corrupt political establishment”, and those disenfranchised American workers responded with enthusiasm. Here was a vision for change and a better future while Hillary just promised more of the same misery they had suffered under Obama. Her main campaign message was “I am the best candidate, so vote for me you morons!” The basket of deplorables switched allegiance to Trump, and the rest is history.

You can go on living in an echo chamber, reviling people like Trent who is trying to help you, but you don’t get to write his message off as “gloating, victorious lecture dripping in condescension.” From your standpoint, anyone who tells you the truth you don’t want to hear will sound condescending to you. Those Truths:

The primaries were stolen: if you had read Clinton’s own emails on Wikileaks you would know that she gloated about the success of their dirty tricks campaign.

“A lot of people believed in her devotion to public service, her message of inclusion, and her ability to be an effective president.” That is hilarious!

Her only devotion is to the pursuit of power at any cost. Her idea of inclusion is to spout every equality politically correct opinion in public while taking orders from her Wall Street backers behind closed doors. Having been married to a disgraced former President does not qualify Hillary to be an effective president. Her stated intention of going to war with Russia shows just how unstable she was: America dodged a bullet there. Sanders at least had integrity and a vision for the future, and had a chance of beating Trump.

Clinton was a dud candidate from the start: the only reason the Democrats thought she could win was that they believed their own propaganda when it was reflected back at them as News by the mainstream media.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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