“At the moment, thanks to the natural solar cycles, we are entering a period of solar minimum which is showing the early signs of global cooling.”

If we are about to enter a period of global cooling, a 1.5°C cooling is enough to kick off the next Ice Age, which would be a far greater disaster than any Global Warming. In Ice Ages, deserts grow, droughts occur and forests shrink. People starve to death and wars are fought over diminishing resources.

If it is true that burning fossil fuels to double our CO2 concentration to 560 ppm would generate 1.5 degrees of warming, then that is exactly what we need to do, to maintain the current beneficial warm period. Clearly the UN should be pushing for every country on Earth to build clean-burning filtered Coal-fired Power Stations (fitted with catalytic converters of course) as fast as they can, especially in the Third World. This will provide cheap electricity, which drives economic growth, while also priming the atmosphere with much-needed extra CO2 to aid the greenhouse effect to maintain planetary temperatures, and growing plants through the Carbon Fertilization effect.

Clearly boosting the Greenhouse effect to save the planet is our sacred duty: Oil Coal and Gas companies will be hailed as saviours and everyone will do their bit to produce as much CO2 as possible, by burning as much fossil fuel as possible. Wind turbines and Solar Panels will become shameful things to own, as they are helping make a lethal Ice Age more likely.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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