“If the media and political leaders fail to call lies what they are, are they then guilty of misleading the public?” It’s a good question, and I wish I had a good answer. My first reaction would be that the Media that invented Fake News as a product, would not be the first place I’d go looking for Truth at. Most of the public use wikileaks to validate the truth of politician’s statements these days.

The next is that the lies you are so indignant about are either trivial in the extreme, or arguably not lies at all. That is, who cares whether Trump’s inauguration was bigger or smaller than Obama’s? It was a LOT bigger than Hillary Clinton’s. the media showed aerial photos of the crowds two hours before the inauguration started and compared them to the highest density Obama crowd shots they could find. This was dishonest and bound to provoke Trump.

The 3 million voter fraud cases is what he believed at the time, and based on the Project Veritas expose of the Democrat campaigners, they certainly tried to organise voter fraud on a massive scale. The only reason there is no evidence of massive voter fraud is that no-one is looking for it. If voters were required to prove their identity, this sort of voter fraud could not happen.

Bernie, you must be aware that the Birther rumour was started by Hillary Clinton’s campaign team in 2008. http://truthfeed.com/wikileaks-email-proves-trump-was-right-clinton-started-birther-movement/29372/

Wikileaks also published emails from Hillary gloating over having cheated YOU out of the Democratic nomination. Are you sure you are going after the right liar here?

My advice is avoid crying Wolf over trivial inaccuracies, honest errors and defensible claims: calling the President a liar is not justified by any of your examples: in each case Trump told the truth as he knew it at the time: sometimes he was wrong on detail. He apologised for believing the Birther theory before the election, which shows that he is capable of recovering from erroneous beliefs.

Save accusations of lying for important cases where you can prove they are lies.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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