“If she was banned, I disagree with that decision. Everyone has the right to an opinion.” I agree 100%: Medium is evil/stupid to ban her.

‘The “Svetlana Voreskova” character claimed to be a “university history professor.”’ That may be a little unfair: you are calling her a liar, with zero proof, and having been banned, she has no right of reply.

My opinion is that Svetlana may be using a pseudonym, to avoid further attacks on her employment at her University, but the person posting as Svetlana clearly has an encyclopedic grasp of history that supports the view that she is indeed a History lecturer. That’s a lot more believable than that she doesn’t exist, or is lying about being a History lecturer.

I discovered that Ron Carey exists online almost exclusively as a 5-foot-4-inch dead actor, for instance, but I doubt that is you! I’m glad we both support Freedom of Speech and oppose Censorship, even of views we disagree with.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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