I watched the interview with Hillary Clinton on CNN Town Hall in disbelief.

This poor, flawed woman is in denial of why she lost the Presidential election, and is clearly a narcissistic egomaniac who thinks she was cheated out of her entitlement as one born to rule. Everything she said was either an outright lie, or arrant nonsense, and it was clear that she cannot distinguish between the two: everything she says is gospel truth as far as she is concerned, because it was her who said it. Crazy, this lady is cray-cray!

About the only point of disagreement I have with Caitlin’s analysis is the use of the word “Presstitute” to describe the sycophantic Fan-girl who accepted every nonsense spouted by this failed Politician as Gospel. While the invented word will probably be in dictionaries from next year on, I found it demeaning of women, and while I support free speech and I’m anti-political correctness, as a lifelong feminist, I can’t endorse sexist slurs on a woman. Caitlin; I’m happy with you calling her a Left Wing sycophantic nutter, as long as you don’t use her gender as an insult.

If Clinton had won we would now have a narcissistic megalomaniac who wants war with Syria, Russia and North Korea in charge of the US military: “ God I’m glad she lost.”

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.