I stripped out the “aggravated assault” stats for several reasons. We were talking about the fact that 50% of people police shot were black. People don’t usually get shot for aggravated assault, so including this grab-bag of minor crimes distorts the figures.

Aggravated Assault includes domestic violence which curiously enough is reported more by white Americans than by Black. It turns out that the majority of domestic violence in the USA is not male on female either, it is male on male or female on female: same sex couples have more violent disagreements than traditional couples. This is interesting but beside the point: If you stick to crimes that people get shot while committing, my figures from your site are correct:

Violent crime

You could argue that rape shouldn’t be included either, but I didn’t want to downplay the seriousness of rape as a crime, nor the fact that only a third of rapes are committed by blacks. These are the numbers we should agree on: 51% of murders and 53% of robberies. if there’s a data inaccuracy above please point it out. This is easy to verify from FBI crime statistics:

The live link has more recent data than those on your news site: current figures are Murder 52.6% and Robbery: 54.5%

You are seeking to distort these figures by conflating crimes that people don’t get shot for : stop it. It is dishonest, and invalid in any discussion of racial bias in police shootings. Are you going to include include loitering and littering next? I think this proves that “you’re so eager to dismiss things that are counter to your perspective” applies to you, not me.

I have read several articles on the disproportionate numbers of black subprime mortgages and I still don’t think they were targeted for failure intentionally: I think this was a consequence of their relative poverty, not the colour of their skin. It wasn’t intentional racism, but I agree that it has the appearance of racism: I’m giving you the point on this one. You win.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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