I should add that I am not racist and have no interest in calling people hate-words. I do however believe I should be able to discuss the threat of radical Islam without being branded an “Islamophobe”, and I should be able to discuss positive discrimination without being called a racist.

There is also room for disagreement on when killing an unborn baby amounts to murder, and whether killing that baby should be funded by the state.

Christianity has always been the de-facto religion in America: no-one needs to enforce what is already true through freedom of choice.

The only way to eliminate voter fraud is to insist on a photo ID: you need one to drive a car or to buy liquor: why is it such a big deal if you need an ID to vote? This argument is bullshit unless there really are millions of people voting on false IDs, as boasted about by Democrat organiser Scott Foval.

Without voter ID checks, anyone can turn up at a booth, say “I am Joe Smith” and vote. There are no systems for catching people who vote under several names at multiple polling booths, and no way to prosecute offenders.

The evidence produced by the right was achieved by a sting operation: Project Veritas infiltrating the Democratic Campaign and recording their organisers boasting about organising voter fraud on a grand scale. http://projectveritasaction.com/video/veritas-voter-fraud-compilation-voterfraudisreal

The Democrat response was to say the videos are faked, but they fired Scott Foval after it was released. Since then they just say the report has been debunked, without ever actually having done so.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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