I realize that by posting this I might get my account banned, but I am willing to take that risk to speak for those who are now banned or afraid of speaking. If they are willing to delete my account for posting what I have posted here then all hope is truly lost for this platform. I don’t know how much I will be posting here anymore because of this.

Trent, I applaud your stand. I have done the same by republishing Svetlana’s works from Google cache. See my posts tagged “Svetlana”

You say you “value things like liberty, freedom, speech, and privacy.”

I’m sorry to be the one to tell a self-styled cyber-punk this, but those beliefs make you a true Conservative.

Freedom of the individual versus Government of the Collective: that is Right vs Left, definitively!

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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