“ I joined this group with a genuine open mind?” I doubt that, really I do!

Let’s see what you say about those you call “Trumpians.”

Trump Supporter’s fantasy, as seen by Leftists:

“Terrorists or “Muslims”, led by the Obama family, have overrun the country and are attempting to take control of the US’s most sacred institutions, parts of America and Western Europe are in state of civil war and bands of refugees are roaming the countryside raping and murdering women and children whilst the Hollywood elite looks on and laughs. But out of the dust has risen a leader, a prophet, the man who will take make America great again. He will deport all the terrorists, wash his hands of Europe and his enemies will all get their comeuppance in the form of random street violence, loss of career, being embarrassed on social media and suffering the worst fate of all, exile to Europe!”

Now look at the other side of politics:

Clinton Supporters’ fantasy, as seen by Right-thinking Americans:

“Holy Liberal Saint and fully-entitled, born to rule as President, Hillary Clinton, has been cheated out of her rightful victory by Russian Hackers, who imposed as our Dr Evil, the megalomaniac Donald Trump as Fuhrer of the Nazi American Reich! Bwa hahaha! Putin has triumphed and his puppet government will impose a Russian Mafia style of Oligarchy in the USA.

Refugees are loaded on cattle trains and taken to death camps in the desert, or worse, deported to their homelands! Women can’t go out in public without being pussy-grabbed by the orange Misogynist! He’s everywhere.

Illegal aliens are being treated as illegal aliens; how awful! The Resistance is arming for the Civil War to depose the evil dictator who destroyed Democracy by winning the election, and Left-wingers everywhere are joining the revolution to overthrow Trump! Death to Republicans, the KKK and Racist White people!”

Which fantasy is closer to objective reality? The Truth is out there in the sparsely populated no-man’s land between the two extremes. The problem for the civil society in America is that 80% of the population believes one or other of the extreme fantasies of Left and Right. We need a centrist view, and maybe a centrist party, to bring Americans back together. The solution surely isn’t Bernie Sanders’ old-style communism.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.