I get that you are from the extreme left of the Democrat Party, and think you have to demonise Trump at every turn, but consider how ridiculous you sound: “So today, I’d like to discuss some concrete threat models: ways in which the Trump regime seems likely to try to attack Americans while undermining public capability to resist.”

If there was ANY shred of possibility that the “Trump regime (it is called the Trump Administration) seems likely to try to attack Americans”, the last thing you would do is set out a plan for his next steps in doing so. The only reason you are publishing a plan for subverting Democracy is not that you fear it could happen; you know it can’t. It is to try to maintain in your fellow travellers the fear that it could, and thus the heightened state of outrage necessary for continued acts of civil disobedience and public acts of violence. I call Fake News on this whole story.

For the record, returning an illegal immigrant to where he legally belongs should not require Lawyers or Courts, it should just be done. This is the essence of “illegal”: they have no right to be in America, Simple. You may not be aware that the Obama Administration (I don’t use the word “Regime”, that is just silly) shipped over 2 million illegal immigrants back home, mostly to Mexico, without anyone rioting in the streets about it. Homeland Security said that the recent raids were planned under the Obama Administration and were just “business as usual”. Because it happened after Trump’s inauguration, suddenly it is a Fascist Regime deporting innocents, which is bullshit.

In fact virtually the only true phrase in your diatribe is “I have no idea”, but that should be extended from Native Americans to everything else you have made up about “Trumpism”: there’s no such thing. Your view of your fellow Americans is very dark, and it must be depressing to live inside such a negative world view. I feel sorry for you..



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Al Black

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.