I enjoyed reading your dystopian fantasy about an alternate reality where the USA has an "Empire" and US Generals are War Criminals. In this alternate reality the first Iraq war was started by US imperialism, not by Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait. In our reality of course 35 different nations joined a coalition to liberate Kuwait. The USA led the Coalition in a police action: "The initial conflict to expel Iraqi troops from Kuwait began with an aerial and naval bombardment on 17 January 1991, continuing for five weeks. This was followed by a ground assault on 24 February. This was a decisive victory for the coalition forces, who liberated Kuwait and advanced into Iraqi territory. The coalition ceased its advance and declared a ceasefire 100 hours after the ground campaign started. Aerial and ground combat was confined to Iraq, Kuwait, and areas on Saudi Arabia's border. Iraq launched Scud missiles against Israel and coalition targets in Saudi Arabia."

So in our universe Iraq was the bad guy: invader of Kuwait and launcher of unprovoked missile attacks on Israel, while USA was the leader of the liberation forces. This reminds me of The Man in the High Castle. Kudos to your imagination, Ben!

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