I don’t have time to refute all your points but I think the definition of the start of a human being is a scientific one, not a religious one. Once a unique human being exists as a fetus, who has the right to terminate that life? There is a balance between the rights of the child, the rights of the Mother, even morally the right of the Father. A reasonable person would put the life of the mother ahead of the life of the child, where carrying the baby to term threatens the life of the mother. I’m conflicted over the rapist case: I can’t think the baby is guilty of the rape that fathered him or her, but it seems traumatic to the point of cruelty to make the woman bear her abuser’s child for 9 months. That makes me reluctantly agree with you on abortion in rape cases, but very reluctantly.

Capitalism is an economic system where private ownership and private profit incentivise the balancing of supply and demand in a free market. It exists in any political system except those that impose a planned economy. Socialism is both a political and economic system because Socialism is defined by public ownership of the means of production and the central planning production and distribution. The artificial planned economy can’t exist without Government control, so I think it is you who can’t get his head around the concept that Socialism combines economy and politics: it can’t exist otherwise.

Svetlana does not believe Black people are naturally more violent; read her work: she is the least racist person I know. She believes Black communities have been destroyed by welfare and that, once trapped in welfare dependency, unemployed young people of any race spiral downwards into criminality far more so that employed people. The single biggest indicators for violent crime are 1) young men from 2) a single-parent family who are 3) on a welfare benefit rather than in employment, regardless of what colour their skin is. Rather than blaming Police for shooting violent armed criminals we should be investigating why so many black kids come from broken or dysfunctional families, and what can be done to find them gainful employment. Trump has helped there: the USA now has the lowest black unemployment figures for 50 years. That might help.

In any case Svetlana’s statistics were used purely in the context of the Black lives matter narrative: if over 50% of violent crime is committed by 13% of the population, 98% carrying weapons when encountered by the police, we should look into why that is, rather than blaming the police for being racist, when clearly they are not. It is easy to prove they are not: why do hardly any Asians get shot by police? Because they commit far less crime that white Americans. The FBI have statistics on all of this stuff, and it is easy to access. Denying the facts doesn’t help solve the problem.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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