I agree Bernie would have been a better candidate than Hillary Clinton, and thanks to Wikileaks we know he was cheated out of the nomination by the DNC dirty tricks department, but I’m not sure he would have won. Is America ready to elect an avowed Socialist? I don’t think so.

“ Sure, there are a ton of jobs. I know people who have 3 of them.”

A lot of these jobs are due to Companies relocating back to the USA, and they are “good jobs” in the sense that they are full-time permanent jobs, and they pay well. My daughter has two casual jobs as a waitress and a housemaid, and never knows whether she’ll be offered any shifts the following week. She doesn’t mind: she understands that if the hotel doesn’t rent the rooms, they don’t need her to clean and make the beds for the next visitor, and that if the restaurant is only half-booked, they only need half the workers. If you forced them to only hire permanent full-time staff, they would go broke.

Why are they coming back, Google included? Because of Trump’s Company tax cut: the old rates forced companies who could move off-shore to do so. Better to tax Google at 21% than to lose them to taxation at 35% and get zero tax. I think you will find that this actually improves the deficit, especially when you consider all the highly paid Google employees who will also now be paying income tax. I don’t think Trump is motivated by cutting his own tax: he’s a billionaire under the current system. He doesn’t need the extra money, and he’s too rich to be bribed like the Clintons were by vested interests.

“It’ll probably take a Republican to do socialized medicine. I hope you’re right. I’d be really, happily surprised. Honestly, I don’t think Trump cares too much about policy. Right now, he’s doing what the GOP wants.”

As I read it, the GOP are starting to do what Trump wants: If not for him, they’d be spending the next three years blocking Clinton’s policy platform, not achieving anything. Right now, if “the GOP can get their shit together”, they have a chance to create a legacy of delivered GOP/Trump initiatives, and I think they need that to get reelected. I think there is even an outside chance that you will be “really, happily surprised”, but delivering that “better than Obamacare” is going to be the hardest thing for Trump to achieve. Let’s hope for the best.

Trump is a lifelong Democrat who changed to Republican in order to become President, and some of his policies are more like Bernie Sanders’ than like Ronald Reagan’s: he might just chart a middle way between the divided extremes of Left and Right in today’s Disunited States…Pragmatism can be a great and good thing. Do what works, ignoring the ideology.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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