Hmmmm…I don’t have time to refute all your Left-Wing slogans, so I’ll just stick to one paragraph with the highest density of untruths:

“The consequences have been severe. Our inability to contain the 2008–2009 financial crisis cost trillions in household wealth and millions of jobs worldwide. We have not yet put in place adequate safeguards to prevent another crisis.”

The Global Financial Crisis was caused by the sub-prime mortgage market collapse caused by the Democrat Party’s Socialist Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac banks being instructed to offer mortgages to people who could not pay them back. This has nothing to do with Globalisation, everything to do with Left-Wing government intervention in the Loan market.

“Our failure to contain, let alone stop, the wars in the Middle East has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths.” Last time I looked, ISIS has lost 98% of its territory and that war is effectively over.

“Our weak international refugee system has failed to alleviate the suffering of the millions displaced by conflict.”

Easy: shut down UNHCR, and spend the UN effort in deposing the regimes that cause refugees to flee them. We did it with ISIS, we can do it with the Syrian dictatorship too, if Russia will stop supporting that vicious little despot. We don’t need to change the UN charter: just define sending refugees across your border as an act of war against your neighbours, because that is what it is. Rapid military action against the cause of the problem, be it ISIS, Mugabe or Assad will stop the refugee flow, then allow them to return home. What we are doing now is crazy: look at what is happening to Europe right now.

“While there has been some progress on efforts to mitigate global climate change, a year of violent droughts, flooding, storms, and fires across the world highlights how far we have to go.”

No it doesn’t: What you list are weather events, not climate, or bad management in the case of fires: Not enough fuel reduction burns have been carried out, and in many cases houses have been built near trees without proper fire breaks between the house and the trees.

There has been no progress on Climate Change: all that has happened is that Carbon emissions have moved from America and Europe to China and India, along with the manufacturing jobs. Emissions continue to grow globally, and President Trump is quite right to allow emissions to rise in the USA in exchange for bringing those jobs home again. There is doubt whether action against Climate change is possible or even desirable: the smartest man on the Planet thinks that carbon emissions are of net benefit to both humanity and nature. When we burn coal, we are retrieving the energy from nature’s own Solar battery, and restoring the Carbon locked in the coal back to nature’s carbon cycle where it belongs. It’s win-win.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.