First of all, I believe all men are brothers and that skin colour is only important in assessing one’s likelihood of sunburn, but the racial groups you are promoting are fictions: “ Black Minority Ethnic (BME), Black & Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME), People of Colour (PoC).”

Actually People of colour is a real group: it includes everyone. The people you call white are actually pink, Asians are whiter than those you call white people, and the people you call BME’s are various shade of brown. BAME makes no sense at all given that Asians are whiter than most Americans or Europeans, and there are more Asians than there are Pink people, too. Shouldn’t it be Brown and White Non-Pink Majority Ethnic globally?

No, it shouldn’t because these racist labels for multi-racial multicultural groups are meaningless: I guess BAME, by conflating people of Asian and African origin, was the only way you could get to be part of your ridiculous, confected “ global majority.” Any group which includes Asians is a global majority, without including Black, Brown or other “ethnicities”. So you are not part of a Global Majority — that is reserved for Asians. This is meaningless labeling, anyway: We should all be judged on our individual personality and competences.

I’ve tagged this “humour” because there’s an outside chance this is a satirical take-off of loony left-wing psychobabble: if so it is genius, and sends up the whole Grievance industry and their made-up language of semantically null labels. “ Decolonise UCL” is hilarious: how can you decolonise a London University? It is in England, so can’t have been colonised by England. If this is humour, then I applaud. If you mean it seriously, I shake my head in wonder at how you were ever granted access to UCL in the first place!

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.