Fires are caused in the main by people: 87% of ignitions are caused by human carelessness or malice; idiots burning rubbish during a fire bans, smokers throwing cigarette butts out the window of their car, or arsonsists setting fires where they present the greatest risk to forests and homes. We try through education and policing to reduce this rate of offending, but wild-fires increase in proportion to the local population density, not to the CO2 concentration, so it appears we are failing.

The other factor in bush fire catastrophes is fuel loading. Contrary to so-called environmentalists claims, forests need to be managed to reduce the risk of the sort of unstoppable fires we have seen in California and Australia in the last year. Green interference at National Park, Local Government and State and Federal levels have prevented the sensible risk mitigation that needs to take place every year to avoid fire emergencies that we cannot cope with. These are hazard-reduction burns, and maintained firebreaks and fire trails.

Your response to my post is strange, to say the least: instead of responding to my points you instead engage in a virtue-signalling ritual that fails to answer any of my statements of fact. Let me be clear here: Climate change is at best a minor factor in these forest fires. It is forest mismanagement that “ set the conditions.”

“ Science has ways to measure: temp, ice cores, NOA, murres, coral, ocean rise, deforestation.” This makes me wonder what field your Phd is in: political Science perhaps? A Climate Scientist would know that deforestation has gone into reverse in recent decades: with an 11% increase in foliage cover across former deserts since the 1980s.

“environmentalists are on the side of optimism over fear.” I’d like to believe that, but the evidence of doomsday predictions being promoted by left wing environmentalist is clearly designed to evoke fear and panic in the population. “An Inconvenient Truth” is a good example of lie-ridden alarmist propaganda.

“Please join in our continuing struggle for equality, on this MLK, day.” This is in no way relevant to fire-reduction mitigation planning, sorry. I assume this is just virtue-signalling to show your SJW cred: irrelevant in this discussion.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.