I think you may be right: here’s a classic post from Svetlana on the subject:

“Feminism is built upon the principle of patriarchy theory — the idea that women have been oppressed by men throughout our history and that men have always been “privileged” relative to women. Almost all other feminist doctrine is built upon this foundation. Patriarchy theory itself, is not only a giant historical lie, but it is a lie that has been deliberately concocted and perpetuated by feminists to encourage women to see men as the enemy.

The demonization of men is vitally important to feminism and it is a constant theme that underscores all feminist discourse and literature. Feminism could not survive without it because most modern feminist activism is based on advocating for special status for women, using the justification that women have traditionally been oppressed and that men are basically brutish oppressors by default.

I have debunked patriarchy theory on many occasions in debating with feminists. It’s not difficult to do. I asked one British feminist who claimed women in the early 1900’s in Britain were oppressed, if she really though those women would have preferred to work in the mines or fight in the trenches. Her response — Silence. I asked her if she realized that whilst women did not have the vote in the UK of the 1900’s nor did many men, and furthermore that women did not have the vote because they avoided all of the responsibilities that went hand in hand with the vote.. Her response — Silence. I asked her if she realized that the franchise in the UK in the 1900’s was linked to both property rights and citizenship responsibilities such as conscription. Her response — Silence. I asked her if she realized that most working class women in the UK opposed the suffragettes because they realised that equality with men would have been deeply hurtful to them. Her response — Silence. I asked her if she really thought that Emiline Pankhurst would ever have tolerated equality. Her response — Silence. I pointed out that while women were always discriminated against throughout history, men were also discriminated against, but often in much harsher ways. — Silence. She did pop up on another thread though babbling away about how women in the UK were oppressed in the 1900’s. No surprise there.

In order to believe in feminist theory, it is a requirement to ignore historical and scientific fact. This leaves feminists with a conundrum. They cannot argue their case against anybody who is not prepared to just fall for shallow slogans so it’s better not to engage in debate at all. I admire Germaine Greer in particular for her debating skills. She will refuse to engage with anyone who doesn’t agree with her. She uses typical feminist shaming tactics but in her own unique way. Her insults, designed to deflect an awkward question, are delivered as gentle humour. They are designed to win over the audience and shame the questioner and they almost always work. Most feminists however don’t have her polished skills so they just chant slogans and parrot off the same debunked rhetoric over and over again. I suspect the almost religious fervor of their repetitiveness is as much designed to convince themselves as anyone else.

Western feminists main catch-call these days is equality. Feminists just want equality for women they say. I have asked feminists from The UK, USA, Australia, Germany and various other countries to give me examples of laws or regulations in their respective countries that discriminate against women in any way. I further pointed out that it is illegal under EU law to discriminate against women on the basis of gender. It is however, thanks to feminism, perfectly legal in some cases to discriminate against men. Both employment law and family law often reflect this. The response of feminists — Silence. Just to check my facts I phoned several woman’s advocacy organizations in Ireland and the UK, asking if they could give me examples of where women were unequal under the law. The British National Council of Women claim they advocate for equality for women in Britain. Their representatives were unable to furnish me with even one example of where women in the UK were discriminated against. They became quite agitated when I persisted in asking them. It’s almost hilarious. You couldn’t make it up.

In fact women in the UK are the beneficiaries of all kinds of affirmative action programs, special lobby groups and government funded grant schemes. Women in the UK are also given priority over men in terms of social and emergency housing and social welfare supplements. There is a reason why over 88% of homeless people are men and that reason is partly created by feminism.

Families in the UK are also suffering through spiraling divorce rates and the increasing reluctance of men to get involved in long-term relationships at all. Men have less chance of surviving a marriage now than a game of Russian roulette. Almost 59% of marriages will end in divorce. 70% of divorces are initiated by women and in over 80% of divorces, the man will lose his home, his kids and a percentage of his future earnings. It’s no wonder men don’t want to get married. Those are odds that the most compulsive gambler would run away from. The problem is that women do want marriage. Women need stable long-term relationships even more than men do for obvious reasons, but they are finding it increasingly difficult to find them.

Meanwhile feminism has been teaching girls and women that they deserve to have it all. That if they are not blissfully happy then they should bail out; that they should never have to compromise in any way to attract or keep a man; that it is men who should make all the compromises. When a man makes the decision to opt out of this one-sided deal, it is, we are told, because he is selfish or immature; he cannot “man up”. He is a “manchild”. Many men are simply walking away. Many are avoiding the toxic, over-entitled, parasitical products of decades of feminism altogether and looking for suitable matches overseas. Women are left wondering “where have all the good men gone?” Well the answer dear, is that they have run away from you because you see, a man wants a partner. He wants a lover, companion, friend and comrade and he wants that partner to be female. He doesn’t want some gender-neutral humanoid, and he certainly doesn’t want some whiny, judgmental entitlement princess who will take him to the cleaners at the first sign of trouble.

Native populations are plummeting and dependence on the recourses of the increasingly creaking machinery of the state is growing out of control. Exploding prison populations have been directly related to the phenomenon of single mother households, a phenomenon driven by feminist design and advocacy, and paid for from the taxes of men. Feminism has been telling women for years that they don’t need men. It’s a lie of course. Men and women need each other and probably the most destructive thing that feminism has managed to do is drive a wedge between the sexes, causing a toxic atmosphere of fear and mistrust that makes both sexes unnecessarily wary of each-other.

Feminists have lobbied, mostly successfully, for rape shield laws which do nothing to increase the likelihood of a rapist being convicted, but have dangerously increased the likelihood of innocent men being sent to prison. Feminists are also lobbying against a current UK suggestion to grant anonymity to accused men just as it is granted to his accuser. There has been an explosion of false rape claims across the UK in recent years resulting in dreadful pain for innocent men. Note: I only include accusations that have been proven to have been malicious in court. I do not include cases where the charges were dismissed for lack of evidence either way. A man can have his life destroyed by just one pointed finger. Even if the accusation in withdrawn or the man is exonerated in court, the chances are that he will still be vilified by society on the basis that there’s no smoke without fire. Feminists have lobbied successfully in many countries to ensure that custodial sentences are not imposed upon women who make malicious accusations. They have not yet succeeded in this in the UK but they are still working on it. People who make these accusations cause enormous strain on police resources and make it more difficult for real victims to be taken seriously. Feminists should be condemning these women but they don’t. Feminism once again proves that the demonization of men is more important to them than justice, equality or even the protection of women.

Feminists have also pushed (again broadly successfully) for the definitions of sexual assault and sexual harassment to be broadened to the extent that almost any unwanted approach by a man to a woman, can be criminalized if the woman so chooses.

A male colleague of mine was recently suspended from his job for sexual harassment. His offence? He asked one of his female co-workers out on a date. She said no. He didn’t persist. In other words he behaved like a perfect gentleman. She decided a few days later that his proposal had constituted sexual harassment and made a complaint. Her word was taken over his because of course he had already committed the crime of being male. The man was reinstated but there is no doubt that the incident damaged his career. The workplace atmosphere though, which had previously been relaxed and easy going, had been fatally poisoned, with men refusing to socialize or even go for lunch with their female colleagues. Men do not want to be around overgrown children who expect them to walk on eggshells.

I laugh out loud sometimes when I hear feminists talk about equality and respect in the workplace when they encourage this kind of hateful childishness. How can women expect to be treated with respect when they are encouraged to whine like babies every-time anybody says anything they find “offensive”. It’s really embarrassing for women like me who really do believe in equality and really can stand on my own too feet.

Feminist inspired campaigns against violence against women are often generously funded by the taxes of the men they are designed to demonize. Marchers in a recent “reclaim the streets” protest in Dublin were blissfully unaware that the vast majority of victims of violent assault on our streets are men. I would fully support any measures which would make the streets safer for people (although marching around chanting silly slogans isn’t going to solve anything) but I would never lend my support to any movement that is gender exclusive in any way. I believe in equality you see. If you did too then you wouldn’t be a feminist.

Feminists have been encouraging women to ridicule and denigrate men and masculinity for so long now that misandry has become the bread and butter of media culture. It is so all pervasive that most people don’t even notice it. I was unaware of it myself for years until I began to think about it. In advertising especially, the man is almost always either a nice but stupid beefcake, a creepy leach or a dribbling moron who cannot figure out how to use a washing machine.

This constant stereotyping of men is just advertisers giving women what they want. Women spend 70% of the western world’s disposable income so any advertiser ignores them at their peril. Women have been conditioned by feminism for decades to enjoy the ridiculing of men but this is not harmless. It drip feeds a poisonous acceptance into our society that it is OK to demonize half the population and lionize the other half. It damages women just as much as men. Whichever of these male character templates is chosen for a particular advert, the end result is always the same. The man is left with egg on his face by the actions or words of a sassy sophisticated woman who is obviously both his moral and intellectual superior.

Probably the most disturbing example of this casual ridicule of men in the media that I can think of, is the show on US TV which featured a panel of middle aged women, laughing at the actions of Katherine Kieu Becker who had been convicted of cutting off her husbands penis and putting it through the waste disposal. One of the panelists described what Becker had done as “quite wonderful” to cheers and applause from an all female audience. Now imagine a panel of male personalities laughing and joking at the plight of a woman who had been drugged, bound and horrifically mutilated by her husband. None of those men would ever work again. Feminists would see to that. The slut-walks remember, were started in response, not to the actions, but the words of one man.

Again feminists infantilize women. I don’t believe that anyone should ever be fired from their job for saying something no matter how offensive I may think they are. I believe that the right to free speech is sacred and absolute. I just wish feminists agreed with that.

Feminists also seek to undermine what is left of democracy in the west by agitating for gender quotas. Again, they seek to constantly tilt the playing field against men by inventing all kinds of imaginary discrimination. There are no barriers in the western world to women running for election if they choose, and women constitute about 52% of the electorate in most countries. Feminists confuse woman’s choices with discrimination and that is just patronizing to women. It is feminist movement, not the MRM who insult women by constantly suggesting that women are only capable of competing when the playing field is artificially tilted in their favor.

Feminists constantly peddle the lie that they are just fighting for equality of opportunity and equality of choice for women. Women, right across the western world already have those things but feminists don’t like to talk about that. What feminists really want is not equality of opportunity, but equality of outcome. Not only is that the very antithesis of freedom, it is impossible to achieve anyway. The problem lies in the colossal amount of damage caused to western societies by the feminist inspired attempts to achieve the achievable.”

It is hard to believe the feminists are so enraged by a strong confident woman speaking truth to power: isn’t that what they are advocating?



I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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Al Black

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.