The nightmare tragedy of this year’s Australian Bushfires has been exploited by Labor/Green Politicians and their media/celebrity allies to push the global warming agenda: they are a nightmare all of their own.
Hollywood actors, despite host Ricky Gervais joking that they tend to have less schooling than Greta Thunberg, used the Golden Globes to push the warming narrative. “The tragedy unfolding in Australia is climate-change based,” Australian (Once Kiwi) Russell Crowe said in a message.
“When one country faces a climate disaster, we all face a climate disaster, so we’re in it together,” Cate Blanchett said.
This is nonsense, but is being parroted throughout the media as Truth.
If there’s a human element to Australia’s bush fires it is Greens preventing forest management coupled with arson by criminal idiots. The rest is within natural, historically normal variation, and NOT proof of a climate emergency. “This year’s fires are unprecedented, which proves it is a Climate Emergency,” I hear them say.
The fires are unprecedented, not because of Climate Change, but because of political change: they are fuelled by 30 years’ deadfall piled over a metre deep throughout unmanaged forests. This fuel loading was just waiting for a drought and a point of ignition to produce catastrophic fires 🔥. Instead of bleating about global warming, Councils and Politicians should start taking hazard reduction burns seriously and build infrastructure to drought-proof Australia!
This dry period we are suffering from is called a Drought, not Climate Change: you may say this labelling doesn’t matter, but it does. To address Droughts you build water storage and water transfer infrastructure and take action to help farmers and country towns survive. If you define it as Climate Change you build solar panels and useless, bird-killing wind turbines which help nobody. Do you want pointless, wasteful Virtue-signalling or someone doing something to help? It’s not just semantics: Climate Change is a great excuse for every level of Government doing nothing of any value, while washing their hands of any responsibility for their mismanagement of the Bush.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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