Capitalism is the free market: you cannot have a market without the concept of private ownership of property, as without it you have nothing to sell. Without the sanctity of private ownership, the market is replaced by theft, or the Socialist Planned Economy, where everything is owned by the State, and production is by bureaucratic dictates to the workers, not in response to price signals of market demand. The term Capitalist was cooked up relatively recently by Communists, as without the Communist economic model, a name for the free market wasn’t needed: it was everything, and there was no need to call everything Capitalist.

Some of the tortured logic you utilise in order to demonise Capitalism are just silly straw men: “Should anyone own the sky? How does it feel to consider the idea of buying and selling human beings on the market? How about their houses?” No, No and Yes. No-one owns the sky, Slavery is illegal, and it is called Real Estate.

The concepts of private ownership of property enable it to be bought and sold: Where Governments have a role in the free market is to impose ethical standards on it. Capitalism is all about making a profit from your property, so does not have an ethical dimension, but people do, and we make laws to outlaw the trade in human beings, endangered species, and dangerous drugs. As long as the Government doesn’t own the means of production and distribution, and doesn’t try to do the incredibly foolish thing of centrally planning the market we still have capitalism, where supply and demand are balanced, and where wealth is created.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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