I disagree with most of your opinions but I understand your reasons for having them, and I love your honesty. “But as a lifelong bleeding heart lefty, the baseless accusations of racism and Nazism still cut like a knife.” I understand: these are the Hate words “Progressives” use for anyone who disagrees with their slogans. We Conservatives are used to hate labels from the left, and are hardened to them, but I understand how it must hurt for a self confessed Leftie when hurled by one of her own. I am sorry for your pain. As an aside, one could argue that Hitler himself was a bit of a Leftie, too: If you strip out the racist Antisemitism from National Socialism, what you have left is the Socialism of the German Workers’ Party. Hitler, Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot are all cut from the same cloth: that’s why I have nothing to do with the Left of politics. I’d rather be hated as a Capitalist, than hate myself as a Socialist.

I condemn police violence against African Americans, defend Black Lives Matter.” That’s nice in theory, but there is no evidence of racism on the part of the US police: the reason that 50% of police shootings are of Blacks, while they are only 13% of the population is that 53% of Murders and 54% of armed holdups are carried out by Blacks. The police actually shoot less Blacks than Whites as a proportion of those doing the violent crime. Otherwise the figure would be 53%, not 50%. And why do they shoot so few Asians if the are violent racists? Because they don’t typically do either of these violent offences.

Black Lives Matter are correct that the problem is racism, but not on the part of the police: Murders and armed holdups are carried out by people suffering Poverty and living in Ghettos. We should be solving the Poverty and breaking down the Ghettos, not ambushing and murdering police officers. Black kids in middle-class families perform just as well as white kids in middle class families: neither middle class kid is likely to be shot by the police either. The answer is to get young black men into well-paid jobs that elevate them to the middle Class, not teach them to hate and fear the police force. Black Lives Matter do not deserve your support: they are making things worse by fostering hatred against and murder of police.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.