Bias takes away the ability to see the objective truth of a situation: every input will be skewed by subjective emotion, until every observation just confirms your bias.

For instance, everything Trump does or says with be evil or at least bad. Warning Russia of an impending ISIS attack becomes “sharing secrets with Russia” or Treason! You can no longer see the President’s objective of foiling an enemy attack on an Ally in the war against ISIS. We are not at war with Russia, in spite of Hillary’s desire for that war.

The president has mis-spoke on several occasions, but declaring the mainstream media to be enemies of the people was long overdue, and who said there was a “Rule one” to curry favour with the Media? Sometimes a man has to say what he means, not what the Left Wing Media want to hear.

Since when is Rule two to subordinate yourself to the CIA? The CIA have been hated by the Left since at least the 1970’s, but now that Trump agrees with you, somehow they are the good guys? Sounds like cognitive dissonance brought on by a fatal case of this bias: “Everything Trump says is a lie!” That means if I hate the CIA, but Trump does too, then now I love the CIA. Read 1984 for more detail on doublethink.

“ Trump fired the well-liked head of the agency” — are you out of your mind? Democrats hate Comey for embarrassing Hillary Clinton, Republicans hate Comey for failing to prosecute Hillary Clinton. Nobody liked him and even the FBI staffers were glad to see the back of him. Why can’t you see this?

That’s right “Everything Trump says is a lie!” Unless you deprogram your reality filter, you are doomed to carry on like a Trump-hating robot, believing the opposite of everything he says even when you believed it yourself until then. Your world is a distorted view “through a glass darkly!”

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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