Before the current Ice Age the planet was 3 degrees Celcius warmer than today. The downside of this was the sea level was 10 metres higher than today, but the upside was more rain and longer growing seasons. In Australia the outback, that is currently desert, was covered in rainforest, with the Monsoons coming all the way down to South Australia each year. With sufficient rainfall, the deserts of the world become arable land: How is this a Climate Crisis?

In the Jurassic Era, CO2 concentration was 2000ppm without doing any harm to the flora and fauna of the time. Today market gardeners add CO2 to their tunnel-houses to 1000ppm to optimise plant growth. How is 400ppm "Too Much" CO2?

Finally, since we have had Ice Ages before, and they have come to an end naturally returning the world to the 3 degrees warmer than today that is normal for an interglacial period, isn't the end of the current Ice Age inevitable, regardless of how many Trillion dollars we spent on the visual pollution of Wind Towers and Solar panels?

Rather than try to stop the climate change we should instead adapt to it. Climate change is coming regardless of anything humanity can do, bringing both costs and benefits. This is an opportunity, not a crisis.



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Al Black

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.