“At a time where science is critical to the future of humanity, it’s important that we all agree on the facts. We may disagree on policy, on the best course of action for society or the world, or on which concern is most paramount in terms of importance.”

We don’t agree on the “facts” about the future because they are unknown. Climate science is in its infancy and many of its practitioners have the appearance of being stupid, dishonest or both. They may not be either but that is how they present in public. They don’t look trustworthy, and their claim that a theory getting published in a peer-reviewed journal somehow changed the theory into a scientific fact is not well-received by the rest of the human race, who smell a rat, or several rats, masquerading as peers.

If the science was solid, it would explain the medieval warming period and the medieval little ice age that are a matter of historic record. It would explain the last Glacial period, and why it ended, without resorting to human emissions of CO2.

If the science were solid, this wouldn’t be a political issue: it can’t have escaped your notice that the most rabid supporters of the Global Warming theory are Democrats, Socialists and other Marxist fellow travellers who long for the destruction of the Capitalist System which keeps them all alive. These are the ones who hate “Deniers” and believe in an evil conspiracy by Big Coal and Big Oil to destroy the planet. Frankly I’m surprised even left-wing fanatics can believe the Planet is in any danger from the release of plant-food CO2 into the atmosphere.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.