Antifa: “they oppose all fascism as they see it. This includes anyone who supports the political and corporate establishment, including Democrats who refuse to join them. They see Democrats and Republicans to the right of their political interests since they’re all the way on the communist left.”

“Fascism” and “Fascist” are just hate-labels used by the left for anyone who opposes their particular flavour of Marxism. It includes other Socialists like Hitler who was labelled a Fascist (In spite of clearly being an anti-Capitalist National Socialist) because other Socialists don’t want to own Hitler as a fellow Socialist. I don’t know why not: he was only about 10% as murderous as Stalin or Mao. Even Pol Pot out-evilled Hitler.

The opposite of Communism is not Fascism, it is Laissez-Faire Anarchy, Capitalism unbound by Law and Order. Left and Right are extremes, Totalitarian Order with zero personal Freedom on the Left, Chaos and Anarchy on the Right. The only civilised societies are those of the Centre, where Order and Chaos, Left and Right, Government and Free Market, Control and Freedom, are all in balance. The middle way is the only good path, where Capitalism flourishes within ethical boundaries imposed by a government that is only just big enough to do so.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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