AI certainly doesn’t stand for artificial intelligence, or any other sort, for that matter. To be funny, these one-liners pre-suppose that your opinion of Donald Trump is valid, and I don’t believe that it is. let’s take a few of your statements:

5. A free press is the fourth pillar of this democracy — and I won’t stand for anyone denigrating its vital role in the inviolability of our republic. The Free Press really only exists on the internet these days: TV and Newspaper “News” is mostly partisan opinion, used as propaganda: Calling it out as “Fake News” was a service to society.

6. Let’s give him a second chance. Occasionally he does so, but not very often: businessmen succeed by surrounding themselves with good people and getting rid of weak ones fast. He backs his own judgement. It is a long time since the USA has been run like a business, so how about you give him a second chance?

7. Nuclear weapons! Are you insane! Think of your children, and your children’s children! This is pretty much what he did say to North Korea, and what he said about Sarin nerve Gas to the Syrian regime.

20. Diplomacy first, military action as a last resort. Seriously? Clinton wants to go to war with Russia, and you accuse Trump of being a warmonger? Isn’t Trump the one who says the world will be a safer place if Russia and the USA learn to get along?

29. No, I tried it your way, Jared. The people expect thoughtful, considered communications from their president, not impulsive, harum-scarum, easily misinterpreted tweets! Actually, because of the failure of the Press to report truthfully, President Trump is communicating directly with the American people, so his own narrative gets through, bypassing the Leftist Press. Sometimes he says dumb or ignorant things and retracts them later, but to his followers this just makes him look like a regular Joe, because sometimes they say dumb or ignorant things too. Often the Leftist intelligentsia drive themselves into a foaming frenzy over what they read into these tweets, but that makes for free entertainment for the rest of us, and it’s refreshing after 8 years of political correctness to hear what someone actually thinks.

33. Huge? No. Let’s not get crazy with the hyperbole. In fact, I had a modest election win, which is why I need to work harder to win the trust of all Americans. He has an ego, sure (as do all politicians), but in the electoral college his win was impressive: 304 votes compared to 227 votes for Hillary Clinton. It would have been 311 to 220 if 7 anti-Trumpers hadn’t voted against their own party.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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