A misguided rant, because mainstream media were 99% wrong on this election: far worse than Facebook: hardly any newspaper gave Trump more than a 20% chance of winning the election, so your example of “99% true isn’t good enough” is ludicrous in the context of the election, where mainstream media coverage amounted to cheer-leading for the Clinton Campaign and refusing to report on anything negative, such as the Wikileaks release of damning Clinton emails, or the Project Veritas videos proving electoral fraud, the use of paid thugs to attack people at Trump rallies and other illegal practices. It is only internet media that got the truth out on twitter, wikileaks and Youtube. Instead of blaming Facebook, you should take a good long look at your candidate, and the gang of crooked “Consultants” that ran her election Campaign. Perhaps we need a special prosecutor to look into democrat election irregularities until the Democrat Brown-shirts rioting in the street of Portland, New York and Washington finally realise how lucky America is to have elected Donald Trump instead.

Even now, The primary features seen in the Portland, Oregon “protests,” where the worst of the rioting has occurred are these:

  • Riots, with reluctance by the mainstream national press to call them what they are.
  • Failure to adequately communicate the destruction which has occurred.
  • Rioters who aren’t from the area and/or didn’t even vote, and are often professional protest organizers.
  • Left-controlled urban and state governments who won’t follow through and carry out their duty to protect the public by promptly prosecuting the perpetrators.
  • Finally, a complete failure to reveal the overarching agenda, which in this case is to somehow prevent President-elect Donald Trump from being inaugurated.

It is in other words a final violent criminal attempt to rig the election. Hitler sent his Brown-shirts into the streets to do exactly the same thing, and always remember that Hitler, like Clinton, claimed to be a Socialist, and it was a German Socialist Republic that went to war with the rest of Europe.

I predict that these truths will bounce off your reality bubble and you will go on thinking that the Nazi-like campaign run by the Clinton team was all sweetness and light, and that I probably voted Trump. I didn’t. You need a reality check.

To paraphrase your own profanity, 99% of what you believe is shit!

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.