A man who thinks he is a woman, or perhaps just wants to be a woman, has a psychological problem, and should see a psychologist or a Priest for assistance in sorting out their mental problems. It is insane to want to be something you clearly are not. “Gender reassignment Surgery” is the last thing the sufferer should be given as it falsely validates their psychosis, making it much harder to treat. What you end up with is not a woman: it is a mutilated man, a eunuch who is now doubly certain he is a woman.

Western Progressive Society has got this completely wrong: it is as if the transgender psychosis is a contagious as a virus. When one considers the LGBTIQ acronym, I’m fine with Lesbians and Gays; I grant the possibility that Bisexuals are a “Orientation” of sorts, although the only Bisexuals I’ve met were people I’d characterise as heterosexuals who were not fussy: they’d sleep with anyone or anything. I have real problems with the TIQ part of the acronym: Transgender isn’t a gender, it’s a psychosis, and I don’t understand how anyone could be I or Q.

If LGBTIQ “Rights” mean that men with breasts are allowed to use the women’s showers, while otherwise fully male, I think the other women using the same showers have a right to say “no” to that intrusion. Or is it now LGBTQIA? I can’t keep up: Sometimes I watch the news and think “Have we gone Mad, or have the idiots taken over?”

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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