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3 min readOct 17, 2022


A deep analysis would be based on facts, not fictions.

When you believe the Russian Propaganda, lies look like facts. They are not: Let’s fact-check your claims:

1. “The narrative for this invasion is that Russia is invading Ukraine to build a new soviet union.” The actual narrative from Putin and his government ministers is that Ukraine is part of Russia and has no right to exist as an independent country. After 30 years of independence, this is patently absurd, as is the notion that it was a Nazi regime threatening Russia. A Nazi regime that elects a Jewish Ukrainian as their leader? Ukraine was the centre of the first eastern Slavic state, Kyivan Rus, which during the 10th and 11th centuries was the largest and most powerful state in Europe, so Ukraine actually predates Russia. FALSE.

2. “77% of Russia’s resides West of the Ural Mountains. And only 5% of its population resides East of the Ural Mountains.” By your math, 18% of Russia’s population must reside IN the Ural Mountains. FALSE.

3. “The flat terrain that is prevalent in Eastern Europe, makes the Russians extremely vulnerable to enemy attacks by the West.” Russia is a Nuclear power, so has zero threat of invasion by the West, but that flat terrain makes Eastern Europe extremely vulnerable to enemy attacks by Russia. Just ask Georgia or Ukraine. FALSE.

4. “Sanctions Won’t Work” except they do. Russia cannot manufacture more tanks or smart missiles with CPU’s currently denied to them. FALSE.

5. “And remember the fact that Russia is a US$1.3 Trillion economy which makes it on its own very difficult to sanction.” Russia is the largest country in the world and has vast resources that should (in a free market) make Russia the richest country in the world. Under a corrupt dictatorship it is one of the poorest. Russia’s GDP is actually $1.48 trillion, by the way, but still less than Italy: it is pathetic: with their resources GDP should be somewhere between $5 and $10 Trillion. On a per capita basis Italy has 3 times the GDP of Russia. FALSE

6. “American Military Industrial Complex” – anyone who uses that phrase is about to spout leftist anti-American propaganda, and you didn’t disappoint there – all a bunch of nonsense of course. FALSE.

7. “Is it right for the USA to invade Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Vietnam, and Libya over the past few decades? While it is unacceptable for Russia to invade Ukraine?” Yes for 911, Yes for the Kuwait invasion, No for 911, Doubtful, No, and No. None of the classic American blunders such as the Vietnam War were imperialist land-grabs like the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, and do not excuse Russia.

8. “Why is it acceptable for Russia to invade Georgia? And completely unacceptable for Russia to invade Ukraine?” It wasn’t acceptable for Russia to invade Georgia, or the Crimea for that matter: it just wasn’t worth starting WW3 over. Neither Georgia or Crimea could defend themselves against Russia even with Western aid, whereas Ukraine has a common border with NATO and friends in Eastern Europe who can deliver weaponry to their border. Georgia was unsupportable without invading Russia to do so.

9. “I don’t believe that national security is a justification for an invasion. But I understand why they did it and I can’t blame them for that.” There’s a contradiction here. There was no national security risk to the Russian Federation: They have a nuclear deterrent. I do understand why they did it, and I do blame them.

Russia must lose this war, and must pay the cost of rebuilding Ukraine. Nothing else is acceptable to the rule of Law in the free world.

Slava Ukraini!



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