100,000 years ago it was 3 degrees C warmer than it is today, the sea level was high enough to move the shoreline several miles inland, and the Monsoon rains came to central and southern Australia every year. What is now the deserts of the “Red Centre” of Australia was rain-forest, swarming with mega-fauna, giant marsupials of all sorts. What caused this warming, as it couldn’t have been human use of Fossil Fuels?

All that burning Fossil fuels does, if burnt cleanly with catalytic convertors, is to produce harmless water vapour and Carbon Dioxide, both needed for plants to grow. All it does is make the carbon available to the carbon cycle again, where it belongs.

In South Australia the hills running parallel to the coast 30 Km inland are the Coastal Sand-dunes from 100,000 years ago, solidified into sandstone, left behind when the next cooling cycle began, and the seas retreated during the ice age that ended 20,000 years ago. The Sea Level has been returning at an average of 1cm per year since then, so are 200m higher than at the depth of the Ice Age. There is nothing sacred about the current sea level, it changes slowly but constantly. Without any assistance from mankind, or the burning of fossil fuels, the sea level should rise by nearly 4ft by the end of this Century if this warming trend continues. Coral reefs will adapt to the new sea-levels as they have always done, and we should do the same.

We would be far better to adapt to the improved climate and mitigate the risk of inundation, than to exert our efforts to avoid Climate Change. It is coming, regardless of humanity’s efforts to hasten or halt it. Better that the temperature continues to rise, than that it begins to cool. Far more people will die in a cooling world than in a warming world.

No-one knows why it was so warm 100,000 years ago or why it cooled so rapidly 50,000 years ago, but neither event was caused by any action of mankind. There is therefore no reason to blame the current warming on the burning of Fossil Fuels. Climate change happens, as it has always done.

Rick Perry has no monopoly on “ignorance of climate science.” If there are any people more ignorant of the causes of climate change than the Climate Scientists themselves, it is those on the left of politics who wage war on CO2 for political ends, and are woefully ignorant of the Scientific Method.


I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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